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Programme of Activities


The « Programme des Activités » is sent to all members on receipt of their subscription (either in a paper format or electronically). It outlines the native language groups and all the other activities offered by the Accueil International, along with the contact details of the volunteer members who organise them. Whatever time of year you sign up, it is usually possible to participate in most of the activities… You just need to contact the group leader in order to introduce yourself and obtain further details. The dates of the International Coffees and the Welcome Apéritif are also mentioned on the Programme. It is a document you will refer to all year, so please keep it safely! A pdf version is available in the Members’ Section.


Planning Calendar


The Planning Calendar brings together the dates of all the main activities – both regular and occasional – for the coming months. The Calendar is online in the Members’ Section and can be viewed in three formats: week, month or agenda. A link is sent to all members each month to remind them to consult it and participate in the activities, if they so wish. More details can be obtained by clicking on an event.



The Magazine


« Le Magazine » is published three times a year. It gives details of events to come as well as reviewing in words and pictures the highlights of the previous months : International Coffees, celebrations, outings and a whole variety of events.

The Magazine is also a platform for those who wish to share their experiences and interests in areas as varied as travel, books, cookery, impressions of France and elsewhere, to name but a few. It is made available to members in the Members’ Section.


Key Events

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Thursday 24th June
2 pm